The Turn – February 1st, 2019 – We talk Super Bowl betting, Mo saying it’s too complicated to add another FA, and get MicDrops from you!

1pm Hour

1:00 – Rick Hummel tweeted this yesterday after his conversation with John Mozeliak
“Is there another piece we could add, based on where the market is?” Mozeliak said. “Any move we would make now would sort of complicate things. #Done #STLCards
1:15 – It’s the final show before the super bowl…how can each team exploit the other and can you bet against Tom Brady?
1:30 – Sam Panayotovich – Vegas Stats & Information Network – @spshoot
1:45 – Jeremy Rutherford – Blues Insider for the Athletic – @jprutherford

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2pm Hour

2:00 – The theme of the show…“We know this Superbowl sucks for you as STL fans but what’s the most realistic scenario for the game that would leave you the least angry on Sunday night.” This is a full MicDrop Segment
2:15 – What are your reactions to the Porzingis trade?… Do you believe Davis will be a good fit in LA?
2:30 – Prop Bet Predictions…
2:45 – Crossover

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