The Turn – January 9th, 2019 – Blues fail to win back-to-back games

1 Hour

1:00 – Stillman’s thought on the Bernie Show, No one’s waving a white flag, which insinuates he still believes in this team, do you feel the same way

1:15 – Spears says the Bama needs to be physical, is that the right idea?
1:30 – Cardinals win total set 88.5, if there’s no more moves made do you like the over?
1:45 –┬áPeople are upset about LaFleur and Kingsbury hires, but this is the direction the NFL is heading.

2 Hour

2:00 – Have the NFL playoff dynamics changed? Is it more over offense over defense? And taking chances rather than being conservative?
2:15 – Quit doubting Foles in the playoffs and give the man some credit.
2:30 – Why is there only four teams in on Machado and Harper?
2:45 – Crossover