The Turn – March 7, 2019 – Lots of Blues and their win last night!

1pm Hour

1:00 – Blues get their 35th of the year and first in the month of March in a stunning turn of events in just a dozen seconds
1:15 – Brown and Crouppen Celebrity line – Eric Edholm – Yahoo Sports NFL Writer – @Eric_Edholm
1:30 – Did last night soothe any concerns about where the secondary scoring will come from for the Blues?
1:45 – The Cards are the best team in Spring Training so far according to Jayson Stark. Have we all bought in that this could be there turnaround year?

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2pm Hour

2:00 – Is Binnington’s personality too much for the NHL to handle?
2:15 – Headlines
2:30 – Why Ryan O’Reilly was the best move Army made
2:45 – Crossover

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