Get through the lunch rush with Brandon Kiley and Alex Ferrario. BK & Ferrario will fill your appetite for St. Louis sports!

BK & Ferrario – December 7th, 2023
– It's the same story over and over for why the Blues are losing these games. – Blues analyst Joey Vitale – The Yankees are finally operating like the Yankees again. – Questions and Answers – Jordan Kyrou is becoming the player the Blues wanted him to be. – MLB Offseason Rounduppppp! – Would you rather have one of the second tier pitchers, or the back end starters the Cards signed? – The Junk Drawer – Jake Neighbours is officially a building block for the Blues. – Believe it or Not – Mizzou is utilizing the portal the way everyone wants to. – BK & Ferrario Rewind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Blues analyst Joey Vitale
Joey Vitale joins the show to discuss the Blues struggles of preventing the snow ball affect after allowing a goal. Plus, Joey discusses if the Blues have a go to line and talks about the defensive improvement from Kyrou so far this season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
BK & Ferrario – December 6th, 2023
– Oli Marmol's quote yesterday makes us wonder if the Cardinals are giving more consideration to trading Gorman than we previously believed. – T-Bone is ready to be hurt by Illinois again. – Former NHL Goalie Mike McKenna – Questions and Answers – The Cardinals are improving the bullpen via free agency, and that has a trickle down effect to their SP pursuits. – More Likely To Happen – The Blues have a chance tonight to finally capture some real momentum. – Cubs insider David Kaplan – So did the Cardinals have a clubhouse issue or not? – MLB Offseason Round up – Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber – BK & Ferrario Rewind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber
Kerbs joins the show to discuss Binnington's stellar play this season and also discusses the importance of the Blues going on a winning streak at some point this season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cubs Insider David Kaplan
David Kaplan joins the show to discuss what the Cubs plans are this offseason, and discuss what it might cost to trade for Dylan Cease. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Former NHL Goalie Mike McKenna
Mike McKenna joins the show to discuss what he has seen from Binnington so far this season, and also gives his thoughts on why the Blues have struggled in games where they give up the first goal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
BK & Ferrario – December 5th, 2023
– Jordan Binnington just had one of the best performances we've seen. – The Cardinals are desperate to move Tyler O'Neill and they're letting everyone know. – NFL Quick Hitters – Questions and Answers – Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford from the Athletic. – Bet it or Forget it – What was the lesson the Cardinals learned from Contreras' struggles last season? – The Junk Drawer – The Blues are a front-runner. – MLB Offseason Roundupppp – Enough of the complaining - The CFP got it right. – BK & Ferrario Rewind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford
Jeremy Rutherford joins the show to discuss Binningtons impressive performance against the Vegas Golden Knights and discuss if the Blues are getting away from their defensive structure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
BK & Ferrario – December 2nd, 2023
– Did the CFB Playoff committee get it right? – The Blues just can't put together a full 60 minutes of play – We now have some names the Cardinals are targeting in their bullpen search – Questions and Answers – Has the Blues' defense really gotten better? – NFL Quick Hitters – Mo is making the Cardinals' outfield picture clear – The Junk Drawer – Why can't the Blues make the Vrana experience work? – In or Out – MLB offseason Rounduppppp! – BK & Ferrario Rewind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
BK & Ferrario – December 1st, 2023
11:00 - Is Neighbours becoming the power forward the Blues have been searching for in the top 6? 11:15 - The Cardinals clearly want to a bullpen arm at the winter meetings, but how many do they need? 11:30 - NFL Quick-Hitters 11:45 - Ask Us Anything 12:00 - Should there be some concerns with Binnington's recent play? 12:15 - Did the Cardinals add enough consistency to their rotation this offseason? 12:30 - The Flames are clearly blowing it up, are they a trade partner for the Blues? 12:45 - The Junk Drawer 1:00 - Who is the team that can throw the College Football Playoffs into flux this week? 1:15 - Have the Blues positioned themselves well through November for a playoff push? 1:30 - One Gotta Go 1:45 - BK & Ferrario Rewind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Brandon Kiley

Brandon Kiley is the better half of 101 ESPN’s midday show, BK & Ferrario. He arrived at 101 ESPN in 2016 after graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri.

He spent three years as a host, reporter and producer at Mizzou’s flagship station, KTGR, in Columbia before moving to St. Louis to produce at 101 ESPN. BK spent three years in St. Louis before taking a 1-year hiatus in his hometown of Kansas City at 610 Sports Radio. BK returned to 101 ESPN early in 2020 and has decided to make St. Louis his new home.

He has no idea how to change a flat or fix anything around the house. Instead, he spends most of his free time running the trails in St. Louis or grabbing something to eat & drink at the local restaurants & breweries around the city. You can hear BK live weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 101 ESPN’s BK & Ferrario.

Alex Ferrario

Alex Ferrario was born and bred in “The Lou” and grew up living and breathing St. Louis sports. From age 5 on, he and his dad would attend every Blues game from fall to spring, and as many Cardinals baseball games as possible. As a Senior at Fox High School, he realized his career would be in sports, in some fashion. Two-years of community college led him to Lindenwood University where he became the “Voice of the Lions” for football, basketball, hockey and other athletics throughout his four years. He spent all of his free-time in the radio station or working in the television station, coming up with whatever sports shows he could think of.

During his time at LU, he was presented with the opportunity to be the Booth Assistant for the Blues to work with Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase. After three years, Alex joined KMOX in 2013 as a producer for various shows including Sports Open Line and hosting the pre/post games for the Blues & Cardinals. After one year as a producer, he received the opportunity to be KMOX’s Sports Apprentice, covering and reporting on as many Cardinals and Blues games as time allowed.

Alex served the last 4 years as the host for Sports Open Line shows, as well as, Cardinals and Blues pre/post games. He co-hosted a weekly hockey show, Chili’s Week in Hockey, for the Blues every Monday night throughout the 2017-2019 season.

If Alex is not on the air or at a sporting event, he can be found spending time with his wife, Katie, or volunteering with animal shelters around the St. Louis area. He is an avid animal lover, food enthusiast, and an aspiring “travel expert” (when time & money allows).

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