Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing
Jay joins Brooke & Randy to talk about the upcoming golf events to St. Louis, what these events mean to both the golfing and wider community and how planning for the future can keep these events coming in to the city.
Karraker & Smallmon – August 12th, 2022
7:00 - A bad 7th all but ends the series for the cardinals in Colorado as they prepare for one of the biggest series in the season against the Brewers, Flaherty struggles in his first rehab start and the NFL Preseason is officially underway 7:15 - Peak & Pit 7:30 - Jay Delsing on all the amazing golf events coming to St. Louis over the years 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Cardinals get beat up but are still setup well going into the first crucial post-deadline series 8:15 - Three Questions on...The Tennessee Titans 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Former Cardinal Rick Ankiel on not overreacting to a series in Coors, the Cardinals status post-deadline and a big series coming up 9:00 - Today's Big Thing: Shaking off an odd series against the Rockies--can the Cardinals beat up on the Brewers 9:15 - We're two weeks out from the K&S prediction of 18-7 over the last 25 games, can they go 10-4 from here to keep pace? 9:30 - You're killing me, Smalls! 9:45 - What's on tap?
The Athletic's Senior NFL writer Mike Sando
Mike joins Randy & Carey to talk about his most recent article, breaking down the candidacies of WRs for the Hall of Fame across the different era in NFL history, why Torry stands out so much, Jerry Rice being the proving mark for their new metrc and a little aside about why Bob Sanders might be the most underrated defensive player of all time.
The Athletic's Blues writer Jeremy Rutherford
Jeremy Rutherford joins Carey & Randy to talk about some of the big questions facing the Blues as training camp continues to get closer including; his expectations for the Blues goalie situation, Kyrou's progression, trying to get Perron to talk about young players on defense and the Blues biggest questions coming out of the offseason
Karraker & Smallmon – August 11th, 2022
7:00 - Cardinals even out the series against the Rockies with a big game offensively, Pujols hits 687, Quintana looks solid again and Pallante has his second bullpen appearance since the deadline 7:15 - Sick or it! 7:30 - The Cardinals might be rolling...but so is the rest of the NL competitors--can they hold serve in the top half of the league? 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: A big offensive day from the cardinals moves the needle i Coors--can they finish off the series? 8:15 - Three Questions on...the Dallas Cowboys 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Jeremy Rutherford breaks down some of the bigger questions for the Blues as we look towards '22-'23 9:00 - Today's Big Thing: The Lakers can't be serious about this plan for Anthony Davis 9:15 - The Athletic's Mike Sando broke down the Hall of Fame case across the WR position, what does he think about Holt? 9:30 - You're killing me, Smalls! 9:45 - What's on tap?
Rockies analyst, Sirius MLB Network host Ryan Spilborghs
"Spilly" joins Randy & Carey to talk about a historic night for Miles Mikolas, a special offensive night--even for Coors, what makes Arenado so special, how Spilly evaluates lineups and how the Cardinals stack up, both teams focusing on ignoring Tuesday's blowout and his overall thoughts on the deadline and how the Cardinals-brewers race was affected.
STL Sports Commission President Frank Viverito
Leader of the STL Sports Commission for 27 years, Frank Viverito joins Randy & Carey to talk about his retirement from the Commission, his favorite event that STL hosted in his tenure, the creation and continuation of the Musial Awards, why the Olympic event in the 90s was so special, what he's going to miss most in his retirement, what's coming up next for St. Louis, a little playful ribbing about the Mizzou domination over Illinois football and how you can attend the Musial Awards.
Karraker & Smallmon – August 10th, 2022
7:00 - Cards get shellacked by the Rockies in Colorado but we're not freaking out...even if Mikolas is struggling and sometimes the offense doesn't show up 7:15 - Ask Uncle Randy! 7:30 - #WednesdaysWithWaino with Adam Wainright 8:10 - Retiring STL Sports Commissioner Frank Viverito on the history of the commission and building the sports scene in STL 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - The Questions on...The Pittsburgh Steelers 9:00 - Let's forget about the one game last night..this bullpen is still a championship-caliber group, and there's only more potential 9:15 - You're killing me, Smalls! 9:30 - Rockies analyst Ryan Spilborghs talks Arenado, Rockies with a big win and the outlook for the rest of the series 9:45 - What's on tap?
#WednesdaysWithWaino with Adam Wainwright
Waino joins Carey & Randy to talk about the Cardinals strong run at home, the special moments with Albert & Yadi, why he wants some souvenirs for himself, dealing with a tough night from the umpire, playing in the different weather extremes, the different rosin bags available to pitchers in the MLB and which one he likes best, the lost art of walk up songs, he even greater lost art of Adam being able to go to the plate and swing away, getting ready for fantasy football and if what the Cardinals have shown the fans against the Yankees is "the real deal".

Randy Karraker

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about St. Louis sports, or sports in general, than Randy Karraker. Randy has been part of the St. Louis sports media for more than two decades, but his super-fandom started years before as an usher for both the Cardinals and Blues.

“My favorite sports moment was the first NFL playoff game played in St. Louis, when the Rams scored on their first offensive play against Minnesota, a 77-yard touchdown pass from Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce,” Randy says. “That’s followed closely by Mark McGwire’s 62nd home run on September 8, 1998 against the Cubs.”

Randy’s also involved in several St. Louis charities, including his annual golf tournament benefiting Every Child’s Hope. You can hear him holding court on Karraker & Smallmon every day from 7-10 a.m. on 101 ESPN.

Michelle Smallmon

Belleville native and a lifelong passionate St. Louis sports fan, we are glad to have Michelle Smallmon back on our St. Louis 101ESPN team! Most recently Michelle was Producer of Bernie Miklasz’s show weekday mornings. Before Michelle returned to St. Louis in 2018 she was located at the ESPN National Headquarters & Studios in Bristol, CT. During her time at ESPN Headquarters she was Producer of the successful “Ryen Rusillo Show” on the ESPN radio network as well as Producer for the weekday evening radio show called “Jorge & Jen”. Michelle’s work and on-air presence earned acclaim for cultivating popular podcasts and video segments for ESPN’s national site.

Prior to her experience at ESPN’s headquarters, Michelle spent four years with 101ESPN in St. Louis from (2009-2015), where she produced and did some on-air work with Miklasz on the “The Bernie Miklasz Show” and “The Fast Lane” with veteran broadcaster Randy Karraker, former St. Louis Rams player D’Marco Farr and former St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Brad Thompson.

Michelle is happy to be back on the St. Louis airwaves with 101 ESPN. In her own words, “I’m so thrilled to be reunited with my 101ESPN family. Getting the opportunity to work at ESPN in Bristol was a dream come true, and I’m so grateful for my time there and to all the amazing people I met at the network. But St. Louis is my home, and it feels great to be back in the community that means so much to me.”

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