Small Talk Podcast

  • Fake IDs and GoT Finale

    What was the best lunchbox snack? When was the first time you got in major trouble with your parents? Did you have a good fake ID? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss. Plus, Small Talk’s Game…

  • An Awkward Situation and 10,000 Frogs

    TommyFreezePops and Michelle are dealing with a gross work situation …. The return of 10,000 Frogs … can Wheelchair Frog or Slap Frog dethrone Crack Frog? … Plus, Small Talk’s Game of Throne’s Correspondent Tommy…

  • Blues Advance and Royal Baby Update

    The St. Louis Blues have advanced to the Western Conference Finals, the Royal baby has arrived and the Met Gala was … something. Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops breakdown all three. Plus, Small Talk’s Game of…

  • Pedal Bars and GoT Battle Awards

    Would you go to the NFL Draft? Why do people like pedal bars? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss, and breakdown a visit to Uncommon James in Nashville. Plus, awards for the Battle of Winterfell with…

  • Shmeebs and GoT Draft Evals

    What’s the difference between a shmeeb and a herb? Ceruti and FreezePops enlighten Michelle. Also, Small Talk’s Game of Thrones Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the show as the crew provides thorough NFL Draft evaluations for…

  • GoT Correspondent and 10,000 Frogs

    Southern Steve Ceruti is back from vacation, and poses the question – When is it OK to ask a celebrity for a picture? Plus … FreezePops‘s takes from Bumble Friend, the debut of Small Talk’s…

  • A One Mile Race and A+ Content

    Who would win in a one mile race: Michelle, Ceruti or FreezePops? The squad debates it, plus baby names and the latest installment of A+ Content.

  • April Fools Mystery + 10,000 Frogs

    Is April Fools Day for dweebs? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss, and try to solve an April Fools Day mystery. Plus, they debut the new feature, “10,000 Frogs.”

  • Colombian Fyre Fest and CNC Bracket Challenge

    Michelle is back from Colombia, and may have gotten Fyre Festivaled. Did FreezePops follow through on the *interesting* proposition? Plus, a “Cool, No One Cares” Power Rankings Bracket Challenge.

  • An Interesting Proposition and GoT Takes

    FreezePops gets Michelle and Steve’s take on an *interesting* dating proposition. Plus, reviews of Abducted in Plain Sight, and a second run through of Game of Thrones.