The Fast Lane – May 23rd, 2022
2:00 - Blues lose more than just Game 3 2:15 - Can the Blues win this series without Binnington? 2:30 - First impression of Nolan Gorman 2:45 - Thoughts on Matthew Liberatore’s first outing 3:00 - What’s Trending 3:15 - How do the Blues respond? 3:30 - Lineup Game 3:45 - What Blues need to step up? 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Do we have blinders on or was this just a hockey play? 4:30 - Banged up Birds - What do the Cardinals do? 4:45 - Time to bounce back 5:00 - Riding the Hot Topic: Your thoughts on Binnington & Husso 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - Jamie’s Keys to the Game 5:45 - What You Missed
The Fast Lane – May 20th, 2022
2:00 - Blues even the series! A complete 180 from Game 1 2:15 - Former Cardinals Outfielder, Matt Holliday on Nolan Gorman adjusting to the Big Leagues 2:30 - What’s Trending 2:45 - It’s all about the D: How the Blues been able to shut down MacKinnon and Makar 3:00 - Is the future NOW??? 3:15 - Last night was a testament to Berube 3:30 - A reset for O’Neill? 3:45 - The Other Guys 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - How bad do the Cards need Jack? 4:30 - What changed for Jordan Binnington? 4:45 - Will the defense suffer and do you care? 5:00 - Riding the Hot Topic: The Avs’ Biggest Concern? 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - Rally Time 5:45 - Fade or Follow & What You Missed
The Fast Lane – May 19th, 2022
2:00 - Blues look to even the series 2:15 - The Jordan Hicks Saga 2:30 - What’s Trending 2:45 - How can the Blues improve their 2nd period play in Colorado? 3:00 - Checking in on some Cardinals free agents 3:15 - Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on what the Blues need to do different in Game 2 vs the Avalanche 3:30 - Continue riding the guys that are hitting 3:45 - What positives can we take away from Game 1? Special Teams was still good 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Big Strong Win for the Mets 4:30 - Look who’s getting called up 4:45 - Can Jordan Binnington be enough to carry the Blues past the Avalanche if the Blues do not have their A game? 5:00 - Riding the Hot Topic: What should we expect from Gorman and Liberatore? 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - Jamie’s Keys to the Game 5:45 - What You Missed
The Fast Lane – May 18th, 2022
2:00 - Observe and Report: Game 1 2:15 - Why is this team so inconsistent? 2:30 - Blues Head Coach, Craig Berube on how not being connected is leading to minimal offense 2:45 - What does Chief think? 3:00 - What’s Trending 3:15 - Do I look nervous? Or just not connected? 3:30 - Should O’Neill be allowed to hit out of his slump? 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Does Brendan Donovan make the best case for shortstop? 4:30 - Blues Insider at the Athletic, Jeremy Rutherford on the Blues caving into the Avalanche pressure during the 2nd period 4:45 - What went wrong for the Blues and how can they change it? 5:00 - Riding the Hot Topic: How do you slow down the Avalanche? 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - New look Blues in Game 2? 5:45 - What You Missed
The Fast Lane – May 17th, 2022
2:00 - I’m a big strong guy 2:15 - Why are the Avs such big favorites? 2:30 - What’s Trending 2:45 - How do the Blues stack up against the Avs? 3:00 - What’s different this year? 3:15 - Head to Head: Coaching 3:30 - True or Poo 3:45 - Head to Head: Forwards 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Head to Head: Goaltending 4:30 - Where are the holes? 4:45 - Sports Six Pack 5:00 - Riding the Hot Topic: Head to Head: Defense & Special Teams 5:15 - Offense struggles again in Game 1 of Double Header 5:30 - Jamie’s Keys to the Game 5:45 - What You Missed

Brad Thompson

You don’t have to have a resident World Series Champion for your afternoon drive show, but it sure doesn’t hurt, and Brad Thompson fills the role nicely on 101ESPN’s The Fast Lane.

Named 2005 “Cardinals Rookie of the Year,” Brad went on to contribute to the club’s 2006 World Series Championship and called St. Louis his baseball home until 2009. In addition to bringing his unique insight as a former player to the 101ESPN lineup, he also acts as pre and postgame Cardinals analyst with Fox Sports Midwest.

Brad’s unique brand of humor and analysis can be heard weekdays from 2-6 p.m. on The Fast Lane.

Anthony Stalter

Anthony Stalter joined 101ESPN in 2012 as a producer of the Fast Lane. Anthony then moved to middays with former Cardinal Chris Duncan. He now mans the helm for the Fast Lane every weekday from 2-6p.m.

Anthony is an all around sports guy who has passion and love for his topics, Anthony has written columns for “The League,” an NFL-based blog for The Washington Post and still contributes written analysis (and weekly football picks against the point spread) to Prior to joining 101ESPN, he was on-site producer for the Detroit Pistons with WFDN in Detroit.

Jamie Rivers

101 ESPN welcomes former St. Louis Blues defenseman and NHL player, and the current host of the live Blues Pre and Postgame shows on FOX Sports Midwest, as co-host on the Fast Lane from 2pm-6pm, Monday-Friday. Jamie is still heavily involved in the hockey world as he is the owner of Synergy Hockey, and is tasked with representing the St. Louis Blues as one of the premier Skill Development companies which involves planning, designing and conducting on-ice skills practices with both forwards and defensemen for youth and NHL hockey players. Also conducts private lessons, coaching clinics, etc.

Jamie is also very active with the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association. He is the Founder of Rivers Edge JDF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) and is a spokesperson for Shriners Hospital, St. Louis Special Olympics, and Responder Rescue, as well as a keynote speaker for the Salvation Army.

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