The Fast Lane – June 8th, 2023
2:00 - BT: Flaherty’s start helps end losing skid 2:15 - BT: Cards don’t waste save opportunity 2:30 - BT: Burleson delivers in the clutch 2:45 - BT: Is Tommy Edman your best bet in CF? 3:00 - Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on the potential NHL salary cap increase 3:15 - Vikings part ways with Dalvin Cook 3:30 - What’s Trending 3:45 - What does a rebound look like from the Cardinals? 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Have the Cardinals hurt their brand this season? 4:30 - NFL Four Downs 4:45 - How could a cap increase affect the Blues this offseason? 5:00 - Sports Six Pack 5:15 - Is having Jordan Walker lower in the lineup hurting him? 5:30 - Biggest Question of the Day 5:45 - What You Missed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Fast Lane – June 7th, 2023
2:00 - Cards Drop Fifth Straight 2:15 - What do you want to hear from Mo? 2:30 - What’s Trending 2:45 - Should the Cards leave Liberatore in the rotation? 3:00 - The Lineup Game 3:15 - Is bad play all on Marmol? 3:30 - Blues insider from The Athletic, Jeremy Rutherford on the Blues potentially trading prospects for a proven player 3:45 - Mo on Oli Marmol 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - What does Messi to the MLS mean for soccer in the United States? 4:30 - Buyers or Sellers? 4:45 - Do the Cardinals have a toxic culture? 5:00 - Sports Six Pack 5:15 - Have the Cardinals strayed away from their identity? 5:30 - Biggest Question of the Day 5:45 - Beat the Streak & What You Missed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Fast Lane – June 6th, 2023
2:00 - BT: Lack of fundamentals lead to Cards’ loss in Arlington 2:15 - BT: Where has the offense gone? 2:30 - BT: Is the rotation rounding into form? 2:45 - BT: What is the direction of this roster? 3:00 - Is this the Stanley Cup Final we expected? 3:15 - Covering the Cubs and White Sox for, Jesse Rogers on the struggles of the Cardinals’ rotation  3:30 - The Lineup Game 3:45 - What’s Trending 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Cards are investing big in pitching…YIKES 4:30 - PGA Tour, World Tour merge with LIV 4:45 - Does the answer to the Cardinals problems reside on the South Side? 5:00 - Sports Six Pack 5:15 - Expectations for Liberatore versus Texas 5:30 - Biggest Question of the Day 5:45 - Beat the Streak & What You Missed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Fast Lane – June 5th, 2023
2:00 - Cards get swept by Pirates – WTF? 2:15 - Should the Cardinals blow it up? 2:30 - What's Trending 2:45 - Have we been sold a false bill of goods or do you still have faith in the Cardinals? 3:00 - Former MLB Pitching Coach, Leo Mazzone on modern day pitching in the majors 3:15 - Reacting to Leo 3:30 - What can the Blues learn from the Stanley Cup Final? 3:45 - The Rizz Show is a bunch of dirty liars Part I 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Would it be smart for the Cardinals to be sellers at the deadline? 4:30 - The Rizz Show is a bunch of dirty liars Part II 4:45 - Sports Six Pack 5:00 - Do the Cardinals have a decision making problem or an execution problem? 5:15 - Mikolas’ Streak of Strong Outings Continues 5:30 - Biggest Question of the Day 5:45 - Beat the Streak & What You Missed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Fast Lane – June 2nd, 2023
2:00 - Rafe joins the show ahead of the home run derby. 2:15 - The Lineup Game 2:30 - Jordan Walker Called Up, Lars Nootbaar Placed on 10 Day IL 2:45 - What’s Trending 3:00 - Can Matz be salvaged as a reliever? 3:15 - The Athletic’s worst valued contracts for each NHL team 3:30 - BT joins the show, what to expect from Jack Flaherty and thoughts on Steven Matz. 3:45 - BT joins the show, how are the Cardinals projecting in the NL Central right now? 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Sports 6 Pack 4:30 - NFL 4 Downs 4:45 - With Klauss possibly returning, how impressed have you been with CITY in his absence? 5:00 - How do the Cardinals’ pitchers project? 5:15 - What are the Blues defensemen lacking? 5:30 - Beat The Streak & Biggest Question of the Day 5:45 - Fade or Follow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Anthony Stalter

You can hear Anthony Stalter driving the Fast Lane weekdays from 2-6pm with co-host Jamie Rivers.

Anthony joined 101ESPN in 2012 as a producer. In 2013, he moved to host midday show The Turn with 2006 World Series Champion and former St. Louis Cardinal – our late great good buddy Chris Duncan. In 2019 Anthony hosted Stalter & Rivers before joining the Fast Lane in 2020. Anthony hosted Football Frenzy on ESPN Radio every Sunday throughout the 2019-2020 NFL season from the ESPN Campus in Bristol, CT, and entertained St. Louis Rams fans hosting the pre and postgame shows for the Rams Radio Network from 2013-2015.

Prior to joining 101ESPN, a sports writer first, Anthony wrote for “The League” an NFL-based blog for The Washington Post and still contributes written analysis and weekly football picks against the point spread for Anthony held various roles with WDFN in Detroit, MI, including on-site producer for the Detroit Pistons. Anthony is from Bolingbrook, IL  and is a graduate of Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, IL and Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI.

Outside of work you can find Anthony at the playground, the ballpark, or in his family room for another sensational dance party with his wife and kids. 

Jamie Rivers

101 ESPN welcomes former St. Louis Blues defenseman and NHL player, and the current host of the live Blues Pre and Postgame shows on Bally Spots Midwest, as co-host on the Fast Lane from 2pm-6pm, Monday-Friday. Jamie is still heavily involved in the hockey world as he is the owner of Synergy Hockey, and is tasked with representing the St. Louis Blues as one of the premier Skill Development companies which involves planning, designing and conducting on-ice skills practices with both forwards and defensemen for youth and NHL hockey players. Also conducts private lessons, coaching clinics, etc.

Jamie is also very active with the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association. He is the Founder of Rivers Edge JDF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) and is a spokesperson for Shriners Hospital, St. Louis Special Olympics, and Responder Rescue, as well as a keynote speaker for the Salvation Army.

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