The Fast Lane – December 5th, 2022
2:00 - Will we see a change in tone from the Blues? 2:15 - Braves are out for Murphy…what about the Cards? 2:30 - How do the Week 13 QB injuries impact this year’s playoff and Super Bowl race? 2:45 - Have the Blues defensive struggles finally cracked Binnington?  3:00 - What’s Trending 3:15 - Is this the year the Cardinals get the big time shortstop?  3:30 - Sports Six Pack 3:45 - The CFP has been set: How do we feel? 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Can the Blues get back on track against a struggling Rangers team?  4:30 - NFL Week 13 Fallout 4:45 - What You Missed
The Fast Lane – December 2nd, 2022
2:00 - A bad break or a bad game?  2:15 - When players go public with frustrations 2:30 - Does the defense activate too much or is it just bad puck management? 2:45 - What’s Trending 3:00 - TV Voice of the Cardinals, Dan McLaughlin on the Cardinals being in on one-year reclamations projects 3:15 - What are the Brewers doing? 3:30 - How has the Transfer Portal affected College Football? 3:45 - Why are goals being scored in bunches?  4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Could the Cardinals be afraid to make the wrong decision in free agency? 4:30 - Blues Q’s  4:45 - College Football Conference Championship Predictions 5:00 - How quickly do the Blues need to find their game? 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - Week 13 Pick’Em Predictions 5:45 - Fade or Follow & What You Missed
The Fast Lane – December 1st, 2022
2:00 - How do the Blues stack up to the Hurricanes? 2:15 - Are the Cardinals missing two vital pieces?  2:30 - Have the Blues gone backwards on the blue line since the Cup win? 3:00 - What’s Trending 3:15 - Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on shot quantity vs shot quality for the Blues 3:30 - Could Brady return to the Patriots?  3:45 - If the Cardinals aren’t willing to spend now, when will they?  4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Would the Cardinals ever do something this crazy? 4:30 - Should the Blues Zig while the League Zags?  4:45 - What is holding these NFC teams back? 5:00 - Is it too early to quit on the Blues? 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - How could college football make the regular season and conference title week more meaningful? 5:45 - What You Missed
The Fast Lane – November 30th, 2022
2:00 - Cards set at SS & in the OF? 2:15 - Is Binnington slowing down?  2:30 - Cardinals' Bench Coach, Matt Holliday on the upcoming Winter Meetings 2:45 - What’s Trending 3:00 - To rebuild or not to rebuild 3:15 - Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match 3:30 - What is holding these AFC teams back?  3:45 - Is Contreras about to come off the market? 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Blues Insider at the Athletic, Jeremy Rutherford on Josh Leivo staying in the lineup 4:30 - Out of Pocket? 4:45 - Cards have prospect currency. Are they ready to spend it?  5:00 - What about an OF name we have barely discussed… 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - Comeback Player of the year for the Cardinals 5:45 - What You Missed
The Fast Lane – November 29th, 2022
2:00 - If the Dallas Stars are the best team in the Central, how do we feel about the Blues moving forward? 2:15 - Can the Cardinals have the same success as last year without shopping in the high end of the free agent market? 2:30 - Blues Head Coach, Craig Berube on the Blues needing to possess the puck more in the offensive zone 2:45 - NFL Week 12 Overreactions 3:00 - What’s Trending 3:15 - How long can the Blues go without Robert Thomas? 3:30 - Better Bet 3:45 - It’s good to have a plan…until it’s not 4:00 - The Gauntlet 4:15 - Do the Blues have a problem on the blue line? 4:30 - NFL 4 Downs 4:45 - Who’s getting traded? 5:00 - Do the Blues need to be smarter in the O-Zone? 5:15 - Sports Six Pack 5:30 - If the Brewers are blowing it up, will the Cardinals stay put in Free Agency? 5:45 - What You Missed

Brad Thompson

You don’t have to have a resident World Series Champion for your afternoon drive show, but it sure doesn’t hurt, and Brad Thompson fills the role nicely on 101ESPN’s The Fast Lane.

Named 2005 “Cardinals Rookie of the Year,” Brad went on to contribute to the club’s 2006 World Series Championship and called St. Louis his baseball home until 2009. In addition to bringing his unique insight as a former player to the 101ESPN lineup, he also acts as pre and postgame Cardinals analyst with Fox Sports Midwest.

Brad’s unique brand of humor and analysis can be heard weekdays from 2-6 p.m. on The Fast Lane.

Anthony Stalter

You can hear Anthony Stalter driving the Fast Lane weekdays from 2-6pm with co-hosts Brad Thompson and Jamie Rivers.

Anthony joined 101ESPN in 2012 as a producer. In 2013, he moved to host midday show The Turn with 2006 World Series Champion and former St. Louis Cardinal – our late great good buddy Chris Duncan. In 2019 Anthony hosted Stalter & Rivers before joining the Fast Lane in 2020. Anthony hosted Football Frenzy on ESPN Radio every Sunday throughout the 2019-2020 NFL season from the ESPN Campus in Bristol, CT, and entertained St. Louis Rams fans hosting the pre and postgame shows for the Rams Radio Network from 2013-2015.

Prior to joining 101ESPN, a sports writer first, Anthony wrote for “The League” an NFL-based blog for The Washington Post and still contributes written analysis and weekly football picks against the point spread for Anthony held various roles with WDFN in Detroit, MI, including on-site producer for the Detroit Pistons. Anthony is from Bolingbrook, IL  and is a graduate of Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, IL and Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI.

Outside of work you can find Anthony at the playground, the ballpark, or in his family room for another sensational dance party with his wife and kids. 

Jamie Rivers

101 ESPN welcomes former St. Louis Blues defenseman and NHL player, and the current host of the live Blues Pre and Postgame shows on FOX Sports Midwest, as co-host on the Fast Lane from 2pm-6pm, Monday-Friday. Jamie is still heavily involved in the hockey world as he is the owner of Synergy Hockey, and is tasked with representing the St. Louis Blues as one of the premier Skill Development companies which involves planning, designing and conducting on-ice skills practices with both forwards and defensemen for youth and NHL hockey players. Also conducts private lessons, coaching clinics, etc.

Jamie is also very active with the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association. He is the Founder of Rivers Edge JDF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) and is a spokesperson for Shriners Hospital, St. Louis Special Olympics, and Responder Rescue, as well as a keynote speaker for the Salvation Army.

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