St. Louis Blues

101 ESPN remembers the life and legacy of Bob Plager


Legendary member of the St. Louis Blues Bobby Plager died Wednesday after being involved in a car accident on Interstate 64, multiple police sources confirmed to News 4.

The St. Louis Blues have just released a statement on the passing of Bobby …

“It is unimaginable to imagine the St. Louis Blues without Bobby Plager.

He was an original 1967 member of the St. Louis Blues, but also an original in every sense of the word. Bobby’s influence at all levels of the Blues organization was profound and everlasting, and his loss to our city will be deep.

Bobby liked to say he was No. 5 in our program, but No. 1 in our hearts. Today, our hearts are broken, but one day they will be warmed again by memories of his character, humor and strong love for his family, our community, the St. Louis Blues and generations of fans who will miss him dearly.

The St. Louis Blues send all of our love and support to his family, and we hope everyone will find strength knowing that Bobby got his parade.”