St. Louis Blues

The Blues are Back To Work!

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Anyone else pumped that hockey is nearly here?

Here we sit with, at least, the first four games that we know the Blues will be playing before the actual playoffs start.

The first game will be an Exhibition game, a tune-up if you will. Then, the three Round Robin games to determine who the Blues will face in Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Check out the full schedule …

7/29 – Blues vs Blackhawks (Exhibition Game) Pregame at 4:30 – Puck Drop at 5:30
8/2 – Blues vs Avalanche (Round Robin Game 1) Pregame at 4:30 – Puck Drop at 5:30
8/6 – Blues vs Golden Knights (Round Robin Game 2) TBA
8/9 – Blues vs Stars (Round Robin Game 3) TBA