Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright joins Karraker & Smallmon every Wednesday morning during the season for “Wednesdays with Waino” on 101 ESPN!

Tune in to hear Waino chat with Randy and Carey on life, baseball, what’s going on with Big League Impact, and more!

Thursday, September 28th

Waino joined Carey & Randy for the last time this season to talk about another week of fantasy football, his struggles on the mound over the last few starts, whether or not the “dead” arm is still a thing, the question being more about mechanics, getting ready for a final series at Busch with Yadi & Pujols and if he’s going to be locked in and ready for the postseason.

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Thursday, September 22nd

Waino joined the show to talk about the early returns from the Big League Impact fantasy league, which young player has impressed him the most across his career, the similarities between Michael Wacha & Jordan Montgomery, how important his addition could be in October, what happened to the first pitch ball from the record-breaking start, looking back at Waino’s career almost ending in San Diego in 2018, the full story of how a long-toss session with Dominic Leone led to his comeback in September of 2018, his miracle comeback over the last 4 season and if the Cardinals are feeling nervous after these struggles.


Wednesday, September 14th

Adam joined Carey & Randy before he and Yadi’s historic 325 start together to talk about some early returns from the start of his fantasy season, putting the record into perspective of a sport 150 years old, the young guys helping him feel young during the dog days, how much he misses getting to bat during the game, hit favorite moments as a hitter, his usual reaction to “the claw”, if Gibby would’ve liked it, his thoughts on the pitchcom, whether he thinks the new rules are too geared towards offense and trying to figure out where the ball from today’s game goes–and where some other Yadi+Waino history is currently located.


Wednesday, September 7th

Wainio joined Carey, Kerbs & Brooke to start off his morning a little earlier than planned and talk about the current run the cardinals are on, the amazing moments coming up for him and Yadi tying and breaking the battery starts, how he feels reveling in all these historic moments this season, what it was like when Albert hit 695 and the next big events coming up for Big League Impact.


Wednesday, August 31st

Waino joined a day into his 41st year to talk with Michelle & Randy about him and Miles currently on the course golfing, saying a quick goodbye to Michelle, the feedback he received from the pre-game and his song being played, poetry and learning how to turn a phrase form Garth Brooks, Miles Mikolas guest spot to break down Waino’s golf game, his mindset when it comes to making merch, why he’s happy with his fantasy team post-draft, his thoughts on the current rotations, why he’s so excited about the team’s offense, his pride in having multiple teammates join him with BLI this year & creating a culture that is conducive to winning late in the season.


Thursday, August 25th

Waino joined Randy & Michelle to talk about the need to savor the special moments during this season, the dugouts reaction whenever Pujols goes up to bat, the Arenado play to Goldy being the favorite play Waino has ever seen, if great games from fellow pitchers like Jordan push him on his next start, his thoughts on Montgomery as both a pitcher and a person, his thoughts on the new schedule construction, some real thoughts on how division games are different than other games, why he’s not sure about the origins of the pepper-grinder but why he’s positive it involved Lars Nootbar, if Waino likes working/pitching every year during his birthday, his total lack of fear of Karraker & Smallmon in fantasy football this season, the only player who trash talks as much as Waino in fantasy, getting caught up in the Yadi/Albert “hoopla”, why he’s not saying goodbye from those guys just yet, his belief that Yadi is about to get hot and what’s coming up next with Big League Impact.


Wednesday, August 17th

Waino joined Carey & Michelle to talk about his serving experience at Grace Meat + Three, trying to remember to enjoy getting to live the dream, what it was like from Waino’s POV when Albert had his 2-HR game, the friendly competition going on within the pitching staff, the starters feeding off each other after strong starts, looking back at what cost him his no-hitter, how different his attitude is on start-days vs. off-days, how he handles great starts that don’t get Ws, an impeccable Bob Gibson impersonation, his thoughts on a wild walking walk-off against the Rockies and getting ready to take home to championship in this years fantasy league.


Wednesday, August 10th

Waino joined Carey & Randy to talk about the Cardinals strong run at home, the special moments with Albert & Yadi, why he wants some souvenirs for himself, dealing with a tough night from the umpire, playing in the different weather extremes, the different rosin bags available to pitchers in the MLB and which one he likes best, the lost art of walk up songs, he even greater lost art of Adam being able to go to the plate and swing away, getting ready for fantasy football and if what the Cardinals have shown the fans against the Yankees is “the real deal.”


Wednesday, August 3rd

Waino joined Karraker & Smallmon to talk about his preferred smoothie order, where he ranks Zach Brown Band in country, best concert he’s ever been to, how he overcame not having his fast ball control last night, the overwhelming importance of the first strike, how he feels after a long start like yesterday, what Vin Scully meant to him as a player and a baseball fan, getting ready to face Marp again, the conversation around moustaches & getting geared up for fantasy football again.


Wednesday, July 27th

Waino joined Randy & Michelle to talk about his trip to Canada for this two-day trip, how he spent his break relaxing with his family, buying 12-14 suits for rookies as part of tradition, Waino’s thoughts on Juan Soto…you know, just as a colleague, what Yadi getting back means to him and the team, having his face on a Bud Heavy, Goldy being the best since Albert and his expectations for the second half.


Wednesday, July 13th

Waino joined Randy & Michelle yesterday afternoon on a little trip to the STL Zoo and talked about the animal-centric conversations on the Cardinals bench during games, why the Bald Eagle is the obviously answer, getting excited for fantasy football just around the corner, Tommy Edman getting his game back, Adam’s thoughts on the Cardinals tough run, the need for a couple of players to step up, having a lot potential for the future but wanting to win now and Adam’s goal every time he gets the ball for a start.


Wednesday, July 6th

Waino joined Karraker & Smallmon to talk about the recent struggles for the Cardinals team, why the team isn’t happy about their play, health being such a big part of this season, no one getting a chance to see the real Steven Matz yet, Hudson needing to focus on his style to success, Pallante getting beat up on Tuesday, how he’s feeling sad without Yadi in the clubhouse now, he takes a couple of shots on the golf course while we wait and talks about his want to throw 90 down the middle when he comes back for a ceremonial first pitch.


Wednesday, June 29th

Waino joined Karraker & Smallmon to talk about his DAPOMW (Day After Pitching Old Man Walks) and his scavenger hunt yesterday, his thoughts on the early success of Ivan Herrera in the absence of Yadi, not being able to console Flaherty after a rough day like that, how Jack was looking before that last start, is Adam has ever dealt with a dead arm in Spring training or the regular season, the inability of baseball players to differentiate the days of the week, why he enjoys watching Sandy Alcantara so much and the latest events with Big League Impact.


Wednesday, June 22nd

Adam joined Michelle & Randy for one of the best editions of “Wednesday’s with Waino” we’ve ever had, commenting on Michael Wacha’s thoughts on his mentorship, his pride in helping young pitchers across his career, his personal elbow struggles, losing Yadi and potentially losing the battery starts record and then he proceeds to knock our socks off with his odyssey through his early career; from a failed Olympic trial, to the Braves trading him, a cry-filled boat ride in a secluded lake and how he learned to “Stay right there.”

Wednesday, June 15th

Waino joined for another edition of “Wednesdays with Waino” to talk about another incredible BLI event at Top Golf this past weekend, watching the no-hitter slip away from Mikolas, Bader being the one guy you want back there, knowing that Goldy was going to be the MVP just based off Spring Training at-bats, being a #girldad for the most of his fatherhood time and how his hair game has grown because of it, and no lead being safe when it comes to the Brewers.

Wednesday, June 8th

Waino joined Randy & Michelle for another edition of “Wednesdays with Waino” to talk about last weekend’s trivia event, filming the “Best Buds” ad for AB, why it’s one of the best ever made, a quick Best Friend Quiz about Yadi, Waino’s personal pitching philosophy, his thoughts on pitcher’s seeing a lineup for the third time, why you can’t get “cookie-cutter” with pitchers, the fun in watching Dakota get back into his game, his reaction to the Arenado play, a wild sequence of events during a past legendary Cardinals moment and getting excited for golfing in Tampa Bay and St. Louis.

Wednesday, June 1st

Adam Wainwright joined the program for another edition of Wednesdays with Wiano, talking about a special night at the ballpark and his strong start, Goldschmidt staying incandescently hot, his prowess in trivia, comparing a month of Goldy to 10-11 straight years of Albert Pujols, what makes Matt Holliday a Cardinals Hall of Famer, more thoughts on last nights game including the struggles from Gallegos, trying to put Yadi’s superhuman-esque stamina into perspective, how it feels as a pitcher when you’re locked in and diving all the way into the Pham-Pederson fantasy football situation with commission critique and more.

Wednesday, May 25th

Adam Wainwright joined Karraker & Smallmon for his weekly dose of “Wednesdays with Waino”, getting into the trivia acumen of Randy and the best Cardinals for your trivia tables, how much Adam likes to grill and if he has any tips/secrets, the young guys on the team using him as an outlet because of his experience, learning from the young players as well, how much of a spark a team full of young players con provide, his breakdown of Yadi v. Pujols as pitchers, some fair criticism for Yadi’s game and getting ready for upcoming events with Big League Impact.

Wednesday, May 18th

Waino joined for another edition of “Wednesdays with Waino” to talk all the amazing events coming up for Big League Impact, commiserate about a tough game for the Blues last night, suggest Randy apologize to all of St. Louis for his superstition faux pas, him and his son banging the drum at Blues Game 6, sitting back and appreciating special nights like Sunday, the special moment of setting the battery wins record, Pujols stealing their thunder, him and Yadi’s incredible unspoken relationship and why Tyler O’Neill is the breakout Cardinal to watch for going forward.

Wednesday, May 11th

Adam joined Randy & Michelle to talk about a huge Blues win last night against a tough team on the road, his path to becoming a “hockey guy” since he came to St. Louis, Carpenter being the most intimidating teammate he ever has, we get an impromptu scouting report on top prospect and son of Matt Holliday, sending Kershaw the photo of Holliday’s bruise, dealing with COVID without having to deal with symptoms, the difference between having it this time and back in January, staying with his workouts but taking advantage of the extra time, his preferred mixture in his Arnold Palmer’s/Sun Joys and everything going on with Big League Impact.

Wednesday, May 4th

Adam Wainwright joined Randy & Michelle to talk about the big upcoming events for Big League Impact, including a trivia night and a special mother’s day charity, the hardest thing in baseball is leaving his family for road trips, the Blues game being a blast to watch, St. Louis being a loyal fanbase with high expectations, how starting pitchers outsized effect on the result of the game can affect their mindset, baseball as a wonderful game but “a tough game” as well, using a fantasy draft (or just about anything) to put a chip on his shoulder, the importance of getting to that 200 win mark and a little on-the-fly analysis of our Cardinal fighter draft and we all learn a little bit more about South Georgia.

Wednesday, April 27th

Waino joined for another Wednesday visit with Karraker & Smallmon to talk about a rough back-to-back run of losses for the Cards against the Mets, the big difference and his preference between night & day games, how getting over the ugly loses is even more important, being impressed with the short memory of guys like Gio & Arenado after their mistakes, getting to pick the brain of a baseball genius in Albert Pujols, competitors preparing for the worst & holding judgment on any changes with the ball until after it gets warmer.

Wednesday, April 20th

Adam joined for another edition of ‘Wednesdays with Waino’, joining Randy & Michelle to talk about a strong starting outing on Tuesday against the Marlins, his real-time reaction to the incredible play of Arenado-Goldy, him and Yadi breaking down the Rolen v Arenado discussion in the dugout, chasing the battery starts record, going after the record they REALLY care about, whether the team is having TOO much fun, the pitchers he loves to watch go to work, throws a fellow pitcher under the bus for skipping the golf outing and breaks down the upcoming trivia night for Big League Impact.

Wednesday, April 13th

Waino joined the program for the first of many editions of “Wednesdays with Waino” to talk about his emotions during that special pre-game ceremony on Opening day, a strong start to this season, getting Albert back for one more run, him and Yadi just enjoying the year and not thinking about numbers, “clutch” being an undeniable real thing in sports and breaking down an incredible offseason for Big League Impact.