Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright joins The Opening Drive every Wednesday morning during the season for “Wednesdays with Waino” on 101 ESPN!

Tune in to hear Waino chat with Randy, Carey, and Brooke on life, baseball, what’s going on with Big League Impact, and more!

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Wednesday, May 24th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about the presentation he did for the Cardinals putting the bad start in perspective (he has slides and everything), get into his start last night against Cincinnati, talk about the fun with having his son on the podium in his previous game, why you want you pitcher to be angry when he gets pulled and his very honest thoughts on skyline chili

Wednesday, May 17th

Waino joined Carey, Randy & Brooke for another Wednesday morning to talk about Flaherty’s big start on Monday, understanding why the Contreras situation was such a big deal in the media but trying to understand what happened behind closed doors, the offense starting to find its groove and getting to watch Liberatore pitch tonight after the shift in the rotation

Wednesday, May 10th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about a difficult and confusing last week of Cardinals news from the outside, why the reality inside the clubhouse is different from the outside perception, why he’s so impressed with Contreras’ handling of the situation, why the meeting with Willson was so important and impactful, his breakdown of his first start in his return, why those 3 runs will bother him so much and why pitching in historic parks like Wrigley & Fenway is so fun

Wednesday, May 3rd

Adam Wainwright joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to try to make some sense of the Cardinals struggles to start the season, how tough it’s been for him to watch it from far away, why he’s always been jealous of Shohei getting to hit so much, getting ready for Big League Impact’s Swing for Impact event at Top Golf and a winning mentality to get back into the divisional race

Wednesday, April 26th

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his rehab appearance last night, why he chose to respond to the haters on twitter after the fact, the Cardinals struggling on the West Coast, how he thinks the big turn could be right around the corner, what the Cardinals need to do to turn it around and why he’s fascinated by the Jets move for Aaron Rodgers and if it’s goin to affect his drafting for the Big League Impact fantasy league

Wednesday, April 19th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about his rehab start coming up later this afternoon, how the new rules are changing the game for the fans, players & managers, what he takes from Flaherty start to turn it around, the cardinals working their way through a tough start of the year, how the expectation for starting pitchers changing is hurting the young pitchers, having a lot of fun with the minor league special for the game today, when he hopes his first start comes for the Cardinals this season and everything going on with Big League Impact

Wednesday, April 12th

Waino joins Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about what makes pitching in Coors field so tricky beyond just the altitude, why the mental game is so important as well as changing your pitches and approach, why he’s had so much success at Coors and how it helps him in games afterwards, why it’s so tough to be watching a game like Tuesday’s away from the team, Georgia being the start of his football love and how it continued with the NFL, why it’s so important to him that the Cardinals never have to rebuild, his thoughts on the celebrations the Cardinals are trying out and what makes having Noot on the team so fun

Wednesday, April 5th

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his anthem moment last week at Opening Day, what went in to the planning and subterfuge of the moment, whether or not this topped his World Series moments as his most nervous ever, Adam tries to talk everyone off the ledge about the early struggles from the Cardinals pitching, the trick to working yourself back at a starting pitcher and what’s coming up next for Big League Impact

Wednesday, March 29th

Waino joined the show for the first edition of his last year of Wednesdays with Waino to talk about his excitement and enjoyment of getting to represent the USA during the WBC, what made that last at-bat so special as a fan of baseball and a member of that team, what it was like to face off against Yadi as the manager on the opposing side, why he doesn’t see himself managing like Yadi and his reaction to his injury and started the season on the IL