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Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright joins The Opening Drive every Wednesday morning during the season for “Wednesdays with Waino” on 101 ESPN!

Tune in to hear Waino chat with Randy, Carey, and Brooke on life, baseball, what’s going on with Big League Impact, and more!

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Wednesday, September 27th

Adam joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about his decision to not pitch again this season, whether he had any thoughts about going for 201, giving it his all and leaving it all on the field, his thoughts on the budding relationship between T-Swift and Kelce, his final pieces of advice for his teammates before he retires, his pride in pitching for the Cardinals his whole career & the next time STL fans will get to enjoy more Adam Wainwright

Wednesday, September 20th

Waino joined ‘The Opening Drive’ to break down his special night at Busch stadium on Tuesday becoming the 3rd Cardinal to reach 200 pitching wins, gets into the moment on the mound with between him and Marmol, his confidence in finishing out that game, his reaction to Willson being such a key part of the win, if he ever got to a point where he didn’t think 200 would happen, how important the crowd and fans have been to his success and why he’s savoring every chance he gets to put on the uniform

Wednesday, September 13th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about getting win No. 199, why he and his wife agreed it was one of the biggest of his career, he thoughts on Winn’s big double play turn and getting out of multiple tough jams, having to step-up and be a leader despite not being a big yeller, what these number mean to him, just trying to get passed Jon Lester, the importance of staying in the moment, enjoying big moments for a young guy like Richie Palacios & everything going on with Big league Impact

Thursday, September 7th

Waino joined the show before his start tonight to talk about his trip to Atlanta, getting to enjoy his time in his home state, how good Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz would be in today’s game with all the changes, how control is still king, being known for control over speed & being biased towards late-career pitching speeds, how his fantasy draft went, how fun it was to do it all in Atlanta, if he plans on taking advantage of the younger players in fantasy football trades and everything coming up at Big League Impact, including the ‘All Win’ campaign

Wednesday, August 30th

Waino joins the show to talk about why he usually likes to pitch on his birthday, the big difference to his success in his late-30s compared to now, how he made the decision to change up the beard, why it felt so good to be rooting during a winner, his joy from watching other pitchers go for a no-hitter, the way he jinxes other pitchers if they’re no-hitting the Cardinals, and big debate between wearing your pants long vs. short

Wednesday, August 23rd

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his struggles last night, what led to his early success and what faltered in the 5th, his lobbying for a chance to hit and if he thinks it way happen, why he isn’t completely in favr of robot umpires, why PNC Park is his favorite ballpark in the league and an incredible story about Adam’s outreach and charity work

Wednesday, August 16th

Waino joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the team continuing to give back to the community during a rough season, what he’s seeing from Dakota Hudson as he turns in a strong second-half of the season, the way his team has supported him during this tough stretch, why he’s having trouble make sense out of his latest appearances, learning how to respond to new struggles after years of experience and why the balance between mental and physical struggles has made this season so difficult

Thursday, August 10th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to give us a little look in to his schedule and what led to today’s special presentations, how important his relationship with the young pitchers is to him and the organization going forward, how he feels after a rough start and a season where he’s struggling to get out of 2-out situations, needing to have that carrot for a pitcher or getting to pitch longer when you’re feeling it, what goes on in those famous 2 O’clock meetings, what kind of restaurants are on the list that he gives out to opposing clubhouses and his excitement for this year’s fantasy football contest

Wednesday, August 2nd

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to bring up a horrible memory for him with the last time the Cardinals face a no-hitter, working through the tough parts of the deadline as he had to say goodbye to multiple teammates, his career high pitch count & how he handled large pitch count games, the biggest difference between having to throw 130 versus 150 pitches and his hopes for the rest of the season

Wednesday, July 26th

Waino joined “The Opening Drive” for his weekly visit to talk about how he’s feeling after his start on Monday, the conversation that went into him taking the time off to reset, why he feels like he was ready to come back and his expectations, not wanting to retire when he still had the drive, how it felt to get back against another team and see if he still had it, how much his team has lifted him up through a tough season, wanting to get #200 versus the Cubs, his enduring hatred of the DH in the NL, the changes he would like to see to the pitch clock rules and the upcoming fantasy football season with BLI

Wednesday, July 19th

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his reaction to Mozeliak’s comments about building for 2024, how the player perspective is different, how he’s feeling physically as he works on his return, wishing he would’ve gotten this done a month ago, his upcoming rehab schedule, the most difficult, human aspect of the trade deadline that we never talk about, getting to see Skip Schumaker again and prepping for the Big League Impact fantasy football league

Wednesday, June 28th

Waino joined Carey, Randy & Brooke to talk about the highlights from high trip across the pond, what went wrong in his start on Saturday against the Cubs, what went into his decision to deactivate his social media, why getting away from twitter is a good move overall and what he’s seen from the Cardinals across their recent 9-game stretch

Wednesday, June 21st

Waino joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the Cardinals recent streak of wins, what Jordan Hicks stepping into the closer role has meant for him and the team, how Tommy Edman has helped change the change with his play in CF and what the plan is for Waino and the team as they head off across the pond

Wednesday, June 14th

Adam joined Brooke & Randy to talk about his thoughts on early games, why he hasn’t been a fan despite his large success with the sun out, his thoughts on Petro winning a second Stanley Cup, what the fans/media would all see about this Cardinals team if we had an up-close look inside the locker room, why he’s has Cardinals red in his blood and couldn’t see himself going to a different team, STL becoming home for him and what changes happened in MLB over the last 10 years to change pitch counters/pitcher stamina so much

Wednesday, June 7th

Adam Wainwright joined Carey, Randy & Brooke live from a course in Texas with Miles Mikolas and former Cardinals pitching coach Mike Maddux to talk about the Cardinals frustrations continuing with more tough loses and what needs to start changing to turn it around, we get some live golf coverage and a quick chance to talk to Miles Mikolas and then Adam takes Randy to task for talking in his backswing

Wednesday, May 31st

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his post-career golfing plans, why a trip to the Master’s will be one of the best highlights, what the off-days look like for Waino at home, what the biggest difference has been in Mikolas stepping his game up against KC, why the win to close out the 19-game run was so important, why the two off-days is going to be so important, his theory about process and results, the knowledge and analytical expertise of Dusty Blake and what he brings as a pitching coach and his plans for this rare two-day break

Wednesday, May 24th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about the presentation he did for the Cardinals putting the bad start in perspective (he has slides and everything), get into his start last night against Cincinnati, talk about the fun with having his son on the podium in his previous game, why you want you pitcher to be angry when he gets pulled and his very honest thoughts on skyline chili

Wednesday, May 17th

Waino joined Carey, Randy & Brooke for another Wednesday morning to talk about Flaherty’s big start on Monday, understanding why the Contreras situation was such a big deal in the media but trying to understand what happened behind closed doors, the offense starting to find its groove and getting to watch Liberatore pitch tonight after the shift in the rotation

Wednesday, May 10th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about a difficult and confusing last week of Cardinals news from the outside, why the reality inside the clubhouse is different from the outside perception, why he’s so impressed with Contreras’ handling of the situation, why the meeting with Willson was so important and impactful, his breakdown of his first start in his return, why those 3 runs will bother him so much and why pitching in historic parks like Wrigley & Fenway is so fun

Wednesday, May 3rd

Adam Wainwright joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to try to make some sense of the Cardinals struggles to start the season, how tough it’s been for him to watch it from far away, why he’s always been jealous of Shohei getting to hit so much, getting ready for Big League Impact’s Swing for Impact event at Top Golf and a winning mentality to get back into the divisional race

Wednesday, April 26th

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his rehab appearance last night, why he chose to respond to the haters on twitter after the fact, the Cardinals struggling on the West Coast, how he thinks the big turn could be right around the corner, what the Cardinals need to do to turn it around and why he’s fascinated by the Jets move for Aaron Rodgers and if it’s goin to affect his drafting for the Big League Impact fantasy league

Wednesday, April 19th

Waino joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about his rehab start coming up later this afternoon, how the new rules are changing the game for the fans, players & managers, what he takes from Flaherty start to turn it around, the cardinals working their way through a tough start of the year, how the expectation for starting pitchers changing is hurting the young pitchers, having a lot of fun with the minor league special for the game today, when he hopes his first start comes for the Cardinals this season and everything going on with Big League Impact

Wednesday, April 12th

Waino joins Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about what makes pitching in Coors field so tricky beyond just the altitude, why the mental game is so important as well as changing your pitches and approach, why he’s had so much success at Coors and how it helps him in games afterwards, why it’s so tough to be watching a game like Tuesday’s away from the team, Georgia being the start of his football love and how it continued with the NFL, why it’s so important to him that the Cardinals never have to rebuild, his thoughts on the celebrations the Cardinals are trying out and what makes having Noot on the team so fun

Wednesday, April 5th

Waino joined Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about his anthem moment last week at Opening Day, what went in to the planning and subterfuge of the moment, whether or not this topped his World Series moments as his most nervous ever, Adam tries to talk everyone off the ledge about the early struggles from the Cardinals pitching, the trick to working yourself back at a starting pitcher and what’s coming up next for Big League Impact

Wednesday, March 29th

Waino joined the show for the first edition of his last year of Wednesdays with Waino to talk about his excitement and enjoyment of getting to represent the USA during the WBC, what made that last at-bat so special as a fan of baseball and a member of that team, what it was like to face off against Yadi as the manager on the opposing side, why he doesn’t see himself managing like Yadi and his reaction to his injury and started the season on the IL